🧠 Unlock your brain's full potential with Brain Juice & Lucid!
💡 Boost your energy, mood, and focus😌 Experience anxiety-free performance
⚡ Say goodbye to coffee jitters
💤 Sleep soundly at night

"The focus, flow and energy it give is a game changer. More work and productivity 👌🏽 - Carlos⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cyber Weekend Stack;
1 x Brain Juice (28 serves $64.95)
1 x Lucid Lions Mane (25 serves $39.95)
1 x Milk Frother ($24.95)

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Start Strong, Finish Stronger

Struggling with low energy, lack of focus, and coffee-induced anxiety?

Experience sustained energy, mental clarity, and anxiety-free performance with Brain Juice, the chocolate nootropic & Lucid the flow & focus blend that unlocks your brain's full potential.

Bridge the gap between feeling tired and being at your best.

Creative energy to flow effortlessly through demanding tasks.

BRAIN JUICE; Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Cordyceps, Lions Mane Extract.



Everything you need,  nothing you don't.

No crash

no jitters or anxiety

no negative effects on sleep

Higher Mental & physical Performance

What makes Brain Juice different?

1G of 10:1 Extracted Lions Mane
(the equivilant of 10gs of lions mane per serve!)

1G Of 13:1 Extracted Cordyceps (The Equivilant Of 13gs Of cordyceps Per Serve!)

Ceremonial Grade Cacao
(the purest form of cacao you can get)

Delicious Enough to have alone
or blend like your favorite coffee (with milk & sweetener if thats your jam)


“My one stop shop for mental clarity & focus. The best thing to occur since man discovered coffee"

Jake Jones

Better Than Coffee

"I love the flavour of Brain Juice, it satisfies the chocolate craving while also having the benefits of the mushrooms. As a busy new mum and nurse, I’m all about that energy boost. It’s a great substitute for coffee!"

samanatha Stanley


“I add this into my morning protein smoothie for that extra brain boost for the day. Tastes amazing and mixes so well! (Also tastes great on its own!) highlyyyy recommend"

Kristin Nell


"It gives me energy like coffee does but minus the shakes and anxiety, it enables me to think better and stayed focused on tasks"

Olivia Curtis



1. How do I make it?
For best results add 1 serve (10g) to 150ml hot liquid and either blend or use a milk frother until smooth. If you like creamy then use your favorite milk, if creamy isn't your thing then just use hot water. Add more or less liquid based on your preference. If you prefer sweet then add sweetener of choice. Basically make it just like you would your favorite coffee.

 2. What does it taste like?
Just like ceremonial grade cacao. Which if you haven't had the pelasure of experiencing before is just like chocolate without the artifical sweetness.

 3. When should I use this?
As part of your morning routine or in the afternoon when you need that extra boost to finish the day strong! Whilst it doesn't have the caffeine like coffee we don't recommend having it too close to bed time (less than 2 hours)

 4. How many serves can I have per day?
We can't help but have 2 serves per day, but personal tolerance and sensitivies will vary. Like anything start with a low amount to access how you respond and feel and guage from there.

 5. Can I still drink coffee with Brain Juice?
Sure! But initially we suggest trying it seperatly to determine your tolerance, the combination can make people a little (or a lot) wired.