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Join me on my podcast Be Better. Where I share stories, lessons & actionable steps you can take to Be Better. Live to your highest potential and live a life by design NOT by default. #dontbesorrybebetter

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  • Uncommon Man Project

    As a host of the Uncommon Man Project podcast I join the other coaches to discuss what it means to be & live an Uncommon life. Everything from balancing business and masculinity to fatherhood and relationships. Sharing stories with the intention to inspire and help others to change. Breaking from the 'norm' and reaching your highest potential.

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  • Actionable Alignment - EP02 Lions Mane

    Align your purpose, embrace authenticity, and step boldly into the life you've always envisioned with Zoe Jett Black Lee & I as we dive deep into the world of Lions Mane.

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  • Actionable Alignment - EP03 Reish & Stress

    I join the incredible Zoe Jett Black Lee again, this time to talk all things Reishi, Stress & the nervous system. Of course with actionable steps you can take to align with your calmest self.

  • Actionable Alignment - EP05 Cordyceps & maximising Energy

    Zoe Jett Black Lee & I dive into the crazy world of Cordyceps & how to maximmise your energy to dominate your day.

  • The Elite Table Talk - Where Every Great Conversation Starts

    Karl from Vitruvian Health hosts me in this episode where we talk about my journey, the magical powers of BJ (Brain Juice ;) ), mushrooms and health optimisation.

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