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Primal Energies

Brain Juice

Brain Juice

"The focus, flow and energy it give is a game changer. More work and productivity 👌🏽☺️" - Carlos

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✅Flow State

✅Delicious Taste

🚫Coffee jitters,😬

🚫Midday crashes,😴

🚫Sleepless nights😞


What makes Brain Juice so good?


Ceremonial Grade Cacao: Prepare to indulge in the rich, velvety taste of ceremonial grade cacao, known for its deep, soul-warming flavor. It's more than just a delicious treat; it's a natural mood enhancer that gently lifts your spirits, inviting a sense of joy and focus to your day.

13:1 Extracted Cordyceps: This extraordinary mushroom is renowned for its energy-boosting capabilities. All day energy without the crash. 13:1 means that it took 13 grams of dried mushrooms to make 1g of this extract. So you're getting 13g of cordyceps in every serve!

10:1 Extracted Lion's Mane: Lion's Mane, celebrated for its cognitive benefits, both for enhancing the brain and preventing cognitive decline. Drop in to that flow state for ultimate creativity and productivity with this potent blend. 10:1 means that it took 10 grams of dried mushrooms to make 1g of this extract. So you're getting 10g of lions mane in every serve!


The Brain Juice Promise:

  • Sustained Energy: Bid adieu to the rollercoaster ride of caffeine. Brain Juice delivers a steady stream of energy, so you stay sharp and alert without the crashes.

  • Mental Clarity: Unlock your true potential with heightened cognitive function. Brain Juice supports mental clarity, enabling you to tackle tasks with laser-like focus.

  • Anxiety-Free: Say goodbye to coffee-induced anxiety and jitters. Brain Juice is designed to keep you calm and composed while enhancing your performance.

  • Restorative Sleep: Enjoy a restful night's sleep without the worry of caffeine disrupting your slumber. Brain Juice won't compromise your sleep quality like caffeine. 

Get a FREE Welcome Kit ($27 Value) with your first order of every Brain Juice Subscription. Including a USB chargeable milk frother & recipe book. 



How To Make - Hot 

Add 10g (1 heaped tablespoon) to 150ml hot milk or water.

Blend, Froth or whisk (for best results) until smooth.



How To Make - Cold

Add 10g (1 heaped tablespoon) to 50ml hot milk or water.

Blend, Froth or whisk (for best results) until smooth.

Add ice and top your glass with milk or water to your desired intensity.



 1 packet = 28 x 10g serves 


These statements & product have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods of Australia. This information & product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Amazing stuff

When I really need to get in-flow creatively or focus on something more intensely, Brain Juice does wonders for me - better than ADHD meds with which, sadly, I experienced awful side effects. And no jitters or come down. Never experienced anything like it, it’s fantastic!

Monica Merlo
The best substitute for caffeine

As an avid cacao drinker, I love that Primal has made a concoction that not only soothes the soul but also gives me a natural caffeine boost without the coffee jitters. This is the perfect morning elixir to set you up for the day, and also the best 4pm pick me up while still allowing me to have the best sleep. Couldn’t recommend this mix more!

Col Gilliland
Brain Juice Revolution

I was never a big coffee drinker but it was my go too for that end of workday pick me up and then an hour later fall in a heap and basically be unproductive, then i was introduced to Brain Juice, being a bit of a sceptic i thought can it really taste good and give the results, well I'm hooked, i have it in the morning with a shake and then a hot drink in the afternoon when needed, no raised heart rate or jitters just gets to the point and I'm focused, great product....

Tye Weekley-Wall
Brain Juice

Recently purchased the brain juice and so happy with the effects I have it every morning and it gives me more energy throughout the day and have no slump in the afternoon. And taste amazing!

Adrien Mamet
My new favourite brew!

Since giving up coffee to improve my sleep quality (Even a cup in the morning now keeps me awake to the wee hours) I have struggled to find an alternative, caffein free brew. The issue I have is in summer I used to like cold lattes - too hot in Queensland for traditional hot brews in summer. So along came Brain Juice, my new favourite brew. Mixed in with almond milk for a dairy free option and a couple of spoons of vanilla protein powder for a bit of sweetness and extra protein to power my day, I now just love it because it tastes so damn good. The fact that im more alert and crushing every day is an added bonus

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