General FAQs


WHO can use mushroom extracts?

Just about anyone, although there is not enough evidence to advise on their use for children or pregnant women. If you are unsure and for further and more personalized guidance please seek advice from a qualified doctor. Keep in mind our products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


WHAT are mushroom extracts?

Simply put, our mushroom extracts are a combination of alcohol and spring water that has been macerating dried mushrooms for a few weeks.


CAN I take mushroom extracts with prescription medicine?

We are not qualified doctors so please seek advice from a qualified doctor.


Mushroom FAQs


How are mushroom extracts made?

We grow our own mushrooms from start to finish. Once harvested the mushrooms are dried and powdered, then macerate in high proof alcohol for 4 weeks. This completes the alcohol extraction phase. The mushroom solids are then strained and simmer in spring water for hours to extract the water soluble properties. The water and alcohol are then combined to make the final product.

Our entire process from growing the mushrooms to bottling the final product are all done in house here in Sydney, Australia. 


Which mushroom extract is best?

Double Extract? Powder vs Liquid?

A double (alcohol and water in our case) extract ensures that both water soluble compounds (mainly polysaccharides like beta-glucans) and alcohol soluble compounds (mainly antioxidants such as triterpenoids) are more bioavailable in the final product for the user.

Powder and liquid extracts are made using different processes so can be hard to compare. 

Liquids are able to be placed under the tongue for quicker and potentially higher absorption (they don't have to compete with stomach acid this way) NOTE; this is just our THEORY due to personal experience and feedback, we do not have scientific evidence to support this.

We suggest trialing both to find your preference and see which works best for you.


 Can I use multiple extracts at the same time?

Our extracts are neither stimulatory nor sedative in nature so you can take them any time of the day, together or separate.


There is alcohol in the extracts, will I test positive to a breath test?

There is alcohol, only because we need it to get the most and best out of our wonderful mushrooms. The alcohol content is only 17-20%, so for a 1ml serve only 0.2 (max) alcohol. 

Here's an exert taken from a Criminal Lawyers website in Sydney,

"It is well-known that alcohol from some mouthwashes and cough medicines can temporarily be detected in your breath – but only for about fifteen minutes or so"

There is less alcohol in our extracts so to be safe allow 15 minutes. 


How much is 1 serve?

Double pump the dropper and it will result in a full draw of the liquid. 1ml will fill approximately 1 inch of the dropper.


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