Brain Juice

More energy without the afternoon crash


"Brain juice is such an amazing supplement. Whenever I take it, I feel energetic, confident and have extreme focus. So great for for a big day of work!" - Ash

Ceremonial Grade Cacao, 10:1 Lions Mane Extract, 13:1 Cordyceps Extract, the perfect coffee replacement.

✅ Energy

✅ Focus

✅ Feel Good



Stress & Sleep support


"Can feel it's effects immediately, you're not just getting it for the Reishi, the blend itself is fantastic, especially to wind down in the evening and before bed." - Dan

3X Strength Reishi, RHodiola Rosea & Chamomile for nervous system stress & sleep support

✅ Sleep

✅ Stress

✅ Anxiety



Think clear.


"my focus and clarity has become dialed in. I used to be very sporadic, but now find I'm able to start and finish a task without being distracted. - Jahn

3 X strength Lions Mane, Blueberry extract & Bacopa Monierri for brain health & performance*.

✅ Memory

✅ Clarity

✅ Focus


The Primal Energies Story

I'm Harrison Orr, and I want to share with you a personal story of struggle and transformation that led to the creation of Primal Energies...

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