• Energy & Health

    Optimal performance starts with optimal health. Having the body, mind & energy to attack your day with clarity & vigor. One of the most common traits of highly successful people is high energy. Pair this energy with a clear mind & goals so you can get more done in less time. Be so efficient you have more time to keep working & make more money, play with the kids or just take the time off for yourself.

  • Mental Resilience & Mindset

    This includes fostering a growth mindset, strategic planning, and techniques to overcome challenges in life & the business world. Instead of "managing stress" become resilient to deal with life & stress so it doesn't negatively affect you & you can handle more, achieve more & be more!

  • Leadership

    There's no instruction manual for being a parent or partner. Become the example for your kids of how to communicate effectively, control your emotions and be the role model you are capable of being.

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All The Details

Who I Work With?

I work with tired & stressed people who want more energy, less stress & better health so they can optimise their performance & live to their highest potential.

Individuals who know they are capable of more than they are right now but feel stuck or overwhelmed.

Who want to get more done in less time so they can have the time & energy to live the life they want. Whether thats starting a side hustle or growing their current business/career, spending more time with the family or just doing things they love.

What We Do?

Optimal performance starts with optimal health.

Optimal Health starts with a healthy nervous system.

When we spend too much time in fight or flight mode we can be highly stressed, anxious & inflamed. Which can result in trouble sleeping, losing fat, thinking clearly, low energy, low sex drive, being very reactive & getting triggered easily.

We then often seek (& over indulge in) cheap pleasures like food, social media, drugs, porn or alcohol as a form of avoidance & procrastination.

So after we have clarity on your goals & values we first run through 3 very simple steps (first focused on the nervous system, then moving to the next priority).

1) Audit & remove. Auditing your current situation & removing anything that won't help you achieve your goals.

2) Introduce. Introducing new habits, behaviors & systems that align with you and your goals.

3) Optimise. Now we have the foundation set, we add the rocket fuel to super charge your progress & life.


I don't promise any results or make crazy guarantees. Simply because I can't do the work for you.

Think of me as your Sherpa. I'm here to guide you up the mountain in the fastest way possible & avoid the dangers & falling back down. Not to carry you up the mountain.

Keep scrolling below to check out some of the results I've already helped people achieve.


30 minutes of your time weekly for our call to keep you accountable, discuss action items, implementation and keep you moving forward.

Your commitment to taking action on the items from our calls, making yourself & your goals a priority.

$3,000 up front (or split into 3 payments of $1,000) then $1,000 per month. 

About Me

I have been a biohacking health addict my entire life. Initially using copious amounts of caffeine and stimulants to fuel my workouts & cheffing days.

Being diagnosed with epilepsy and suffering frequent seizures forced me to rethink my approach to health.

Diving deep into sleep, stress & nervous system optimisation I am now 6 yrs+ seizure free and working with over 500 stressed & busy people personally to help them conquer stress to become mentally & physically resilient.

I am also the creator & founder of Primal Energies, a husband and father of a 1yr old son.

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  • Michael Thompson - Business Owner

    "When I first stumbled upon the Uncommon Man Project*, I was at my wit's end dealing with constant stress and poor sleep. As a father of three and a small business owner, the pressure was overwhelming. Harrison's story resonated with me, and I decided to give his natural remedies a try. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Not only have my sleep and stress levels improved dramatically, but I also feel more present and engaged with my family and business. Harrison has been an incredible mentor through this journey, always available to share his knowledge and support. The Uncommon Man Project has truly changed my life for the better."

    * Uncommon Man Project is the name of coaching business.

  • Sarah Jennings - Busy Professional

    "Dealing with sleep deprivation for years, I've tried countless remedies with little to no success. Discovering Harrison was a breakthrough for me. His deep understanding of holistic health, has provided me with solutions that actually work. Since incorporating his remedies into my daily routine, I've noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality and overall well-being. Harrison's personal journey and dedication to helping others like me is truly inspiring. I'm grateful to have found the Uncommon Man Project* and to have Harrison as a guide on my path to better health."

    * Uncommon Man Project is the name of coaching business.

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