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Brain Juice
Mat Sheldon
Great Coffe Replacement

Another great product from Harry. Great way to keep energy through the day without being amped up on caffeine.

Best night sleep

Brain juice is my go to for a great nights sleep. Have a drink 30 minutes before going to bed and the next thing you are woken up by your alarm. Great taste and easy to make, the recipes that come with the parcel are great to try to have some variety in your diet as well in maintaining your healthy diet.

Daryle McKeown
Amazing stuff

I've been using cordyceps together with lucid for a while now and can really notice the difference. It's the extra boost that gets me through the day. As a 48yo, working a 10-12 hour day, this stuff really helps to get through a busy work day and still get a workout in after knocking off. 💪😊

Third brand I tried. Works for sleep

My wake up number of times is 0 to 1 when I take this. Definitely noticed difference.
Give a few drops to my teen too at night to calm and help sleep.

Brain Juice
Brennan Martin
Decent stuff

Have it every morning on my walk to get the juices flowing. Tastes good, gets me in a good flow. Helps with my ADHD brain too :)


I wasn’t actually aware of this at first. It wasn’t until half way through the week when I was kind of wondering around a little aimlessly with some weird extra time on my hands which gave me a chance to look at my week and holy f I had smashed through so much work that I had “spare” time on my hands… not a term I’m that used to haha. The worst thing was the next week I travelled and forgot my brain juice and that feeing just went away… then I returned home and got back on it and BAM back into it. I’m so stoked with this!!! Now I have more time doing the things I love! Training and chasing my dog around 🤣

WOW this stuff works!!

As someone who often has trouble sleeping and focusing, I can tell you this stuff is legit! Highly recommended!!

Brain Juice
Kyle D
Game changer for focus

Set myself up with a couple of deep work days in a row, fueled it with brain juice instead of coffee and I felt completely in the zone. Normally I find myself getting distracted but got so much quality work done with the BJ - ordering some more!

Brain Juice
Amazing stuff

When I really need to get in-flow creatively or focus on something more intensely, Brain Juice does wonders for me - better than ADHD meds with which, sadly, I experienced awful side effects. And no jitters or come down. Never experienced anything like it, it’s fantastic!

Life changing

I’ve been trialling several different functional mushroom brands and Primal Energies is my favourite. I’m not sure if it’s the potency or the process or the additional ingredients but I literally feel the effects within minutes of taking these blends. I add lions mane and cordyceps to my morning bottle of water and I have no need for caffeine throughout my working day. I feel focused, calm and energised (and I have a very physical and often emotionally demanding job!)

At night I take the Reishi blend and its sooo relaxing. I don’t drink alcohol and this the perfect, relaxing nightcap for me. I sometimes take it straight under my tongue or add a dropper-ful to my favourite evening beverage.

When I really need to get in-flow creatively or focus on something more intensely the Brain Juice does wonders for me - better than ADHD meds with which, sadly, I experienced awful side effects.

Honestly, these are the most wonderful supplements I’ve tried for the purposes of mood, energy, relaxation and general well-being. And I have tried soooooo many supplements to help me with managing anxiety, ADHD symptoms and general life stuff!

Brain Juice
Monica Merlo
The best substitute for caffeine

As an avid cacao drinker, I love that Primal has made a concoction that not only soothes the soul but also gives me a natural caffeine boost without the coffee jitters. This is the perfect morning elixir to set you up for the day, and also the best 4pm pick me up while still allowing me to have the best sleep. Couldn’t recommend this mix more!

Brain Juice
Col Gilliland
Brain Juice Revolution

I was never a big coffee drinker but it was my go too for that end of workday pick me up and then an hour later fall in a heap and basically be unproductive, then i was introduced to Brain Juice, being a bit of a sceptic i thought can it really taste good and give the results, well I'm hooked, i have it in the morning with a shake and then a hot drink in the afternoon when needed, no raised heart rate or jitters just gets to the point and I'm focused, great product....

Brain Juice
Tye Weekley-Wall
Brain Juice

Recently purchased the brain juice and so happy with the effects I have it every morning and it gives me more energy throughout the day and have no slump in the afternoon. And taste amazing!

Brain Juice
Adrien Mamet
My new favourite brew!

Since giving up coffee to improve my sleep quality (Even a cup in the morning now keeps me awake to the wee hours) I have struggled to find an alternative, caffein free brew. The issue I have is in summer I used to like cold lattes - too hot in Queensland for traditional hot brews in summer. So along came Brain Juice, my new favourite brew. Mixed in with almond milk for a dairy free option and a couple of spoons of vanilla protein powder for a bit of sweetness and extra protein to power my day, I now just love it because it tastes so damn good. The fact that im more alert and crushing every day is an added bonus

Delicious and effective

Since starting my days with Brain juice, I haven't missed coffee at all. I don't feel the grips of caffeine anxiety and it tastes like the best hot chocolate you could imagine.

Brain Juice
Naomi Wilson
What a hit! You can taste the quality,

I’m addicted. I have to measure out my daily dose so I don’t overdo it…
Can really taste the quality of the cacao. And I can definitely feel the difference to my mental clarity.
Great product !

Absolutely love Brain Juice!

What’s not to love?
The creamy chocolatey taste with the natural energy boost is the best way to start my day.
Since giving up coffee, decafe wasn’t cutting it, but Brain Juice gives me the hit I need to kickstart my day.
I enjoy mine with hot water and oat milk.

Brain Juice
James Dodd
Great mental focus

Have it every morning and absolutely love the focus, clarity and drive that I get from it. Very different to other brain supplements I’ve had in the past, it’s just a clean focus and I love it!

Primal relax

Absolutely love this product and have been having it each night before bed. Highly recommend

Brain Juice
Emma May

Switched my coffee to brain juice as I was feeling anxious on coffee, I feel a similar energy boost from the brain juice and it tastes amazing too!

Brain Juice
calvin coyles

Truly a game changer. Love it!

Brain Juice
Tara Brewer
Love it!

Definitely do not miss the morning coffee drinking this stuff instead! Tastes great and you don’t get the afternoon slump. Sleeping better and have more sustained energy throughout the day. Have already reordered 🙌

Brain Juice
Jackson O’Keefe
Fantastic product

Beautiful tasting product that gives me energy to get through the biggest of days.
Stacked with cordyceps it is an absolute game changer if you live a flat out lifestyle like myself.
Give it a go you won’t regret it

Jackson O’Keefe
So Good!!!

Highly rate the cordyceps. Peak endurance after taking it that doesn’t die off and gets me through an extremely active day
Stack it with Brain Juice and you won’t know yourself.
If your on the fence about giving it a go all I can say is 100% try it, you won’t look back

Great product!

Firstly, the taste is great! Nice to have a hot drink I can enjoy since quitting coffee!

Not long after my first cup, I went for my usual mid morning 5km walk. Without consciously trying to - I did my fastest ever lap time around the lake 😂 I don't think it was a coincidence!

Definitely noticed the energy level change. Got a similar sort of boost/energy but without the anxious jitters I get from some pre workouts.

To know it's also working in the background for mental clarity is great to know as well!